Are your teeth looking a little yellow and dingy?

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Whitening your teeth is just one service you can take advantage of, however like anything else, if you’re considering the procedure, it’s a good idea to learn more about it and why it’s done so you can be sure it’s a good choice for you and your Darwin dental needs.

Here are the most common reasons why teeth whitening is recommended.


Over time, your teeth may become stained by various substances.

This is more likely to happen if you drink a lot of wine, coffee, tea, cola, or dark berry-based drinks. It may also happen due to tobacco usage or if you take certain medications.

Staining might also happen if you suffer a trauma to your tooth or as you age and enamel begins to wear away. No matter the reason, most people don’t like the look of yellowed, stained teeth so relying on the experts to help you restore them to gleaming is a great idea.

Who can get whitening?

The best candidates for teeth whitening are people who don’t have any fillings (or very few) and who have generally healthy gums.

Yellow tinged teeth tend to respond best to teeth whitening so that makes for the ideal candidate as well. In other words, someone with a healthy mouth, but who wants whiter and shinier teeth is the best person to undergo the procedure.

Who shouldn’t get whitening?

There are some people and instances in which teeth whitening isn’t a good option. That includes women who are pregnant, as well as anyone under the age of 16.

People who have tooth sensitivities or who are allergic to certain ingredients might not be a good candidate for the treatment either.

Likewise, anyone with worn enamel, exposed tooth roots, gum disease, or cavities should probably not undergo the procedure.

Those with fillings, restorations, or crowns are also not a good candidate to have their teeth whitened.

Smokers may be eligible for the treatment but shouldn’t have high expectations on the results since tobacco can leach quite deeply into enamel, making the treatment less effective. Our expert teeth whitening experts will advise on the best course,

For anyone who wants to be evaluated for tooth whitening in Darwin, call Smith Street Dental Practice for a quote today on 08 89819149 or to book an appointment.





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