If you or your children play contact sports, we strongly advise you to wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth from impact. All too often we have dealt with the aftermath of a blow to the teeth from a hockey stick or rugby tackle. Damage to teeth from sports injuries is often severe and can require complex and costly treatment to put right.

For the best protection, we recommend a custom-made professional mouthguard. We do not recommend off-the-shelf mouthguards, as they will not fit accurately and can be uncomfortable to wear.

To make a mouthguard, all we need is an impression of your teeth. This quick and easy procedure only requires a short appointment. The impression is then sent to a dental technician who will make a comfortable guard that perfectly fits your teeth. Mouthguards can be made in variety of colours—just ask our dentists and they will gladly provide a sample of all the colours available.

If you require a mouthguard or nightguard, contact our practice and we will be happy to arrange it for you.

Remember, a small investment in the right protection for your teeth now can save a lot of tears later!

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