Bridges and crowns are fixed prosthetic restorations used to restore missing or damaged teeth.

These are either fixed to existing teeth on either side or on one side of the missing tooth gap, or are screwed to dental implants.

Crowns are artificial teeth restorations made of porcelain and/or palladium or gold, which are used to replace missing or damaged teeth.

When teeth become severely worn, decayed or have large cavities, crowns may be used to cover or cap part of the tooth.

Crowns or caps restore the tooth to a natural look and function.

    Time is taken to prepare the treatment site, make a dental impression, obtain accurate measurements of size, shape and shade, and for placing the temporary crown – followed by the final crown being attached.

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    Crown and bridge treatment varies in treatment time depending on what is involved, if one or more teeth are being replaced or if partial tooth structure requires restoration.

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