Cosmetic dentistry includes dental treatments with the overall aim to improve dental function, health and smile aesthetics.

Cosmetic dentistry is focused on improving the aesthetics of patients’ smiles and create the smile they always wanted.  Cosmetic dentists are helping patients to improve their smile and their overall appearance.

It’s important you choose a dentist with training and experience in cosmetic dentistry, and at Smith Street Dental we have many dentists who are very well trained in this area.

Cosmetic Dentistry Includes:



Have you always wanted to fix that chipped tooth? Remove stains or hide discolorations?

Do you have the desire to close the gap between teeth? Straighten that crooked tooth?

A veneer can be used to treat a range of cosmetic problems such as reshaping or straightening malaligned teeth, repairing damaged teeth, masking or whitening stained and discoloured teeth, in addition to closing gaps and filling spaces. During your cosmetic consultation you will be able to discuss all the possible options available to you as well as the pros and cons of each option.


Crowns are artificial teeth restorations made of porcelain, which are used to replace missing or damaged teeth. When teeth become severely worn, decayed or have large cavities, crowns may be used to cover or cap part of the tooth. Crowns or caps restore the tooth to a natural look and function. Crowns are recommended in a number of cases to restore and strengthen tooth structure. One of these cases is when a tooth has had a root canal treatment.


Dental bridges are an artificial tooth replacement option for missing teeth of one or more. They are fixed to the existing tooth structure on either side or one side of the tooth gap. Dental crowns can be placed on each side of the tooth gap to anchor the dental bridge in place. Bridge teeth restorations may be made of porcelain or a combination of porcelain and metal.

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