Dentures are a common way to replace teeth that are missing and restore your smile. However, as they are a dental device, sometimes they may be damaged or could wear out, leaving you wondering if they can be fixed or if you’ll have to start all over.

Fortunately, at Smith Street Dental Surgery, we can repair them and keep you smiling day to day.

Here’s what you should know about denture repair.

Time Frame

In some cases, our lab can repair your dentures the same day.

We have an on-site lab where trained professionals can put them back together. However, some repairs could take longer so be prepared for that possibility.

Call us today and we can set up an appointment with you to look at your dentures and get started on fixing them right away.

Repairs We Can Make

Our lab is equipped to make brand new dentures, but we are also available to make repairs to existing ones.

That includes adding teeth to them, refitting existing teeth that have come loose so they stay in place, adding soft liners, and much more.

Our lab is also able to clean and polish your dentures and make night guards, mouthguards, and bleach trays for your convenience and for use with your dentures.

When Repairs are Needed

If you wear dentures, one of the most important things you can do is to pay close attention to how they look and feel. That way you’ll know right away if something is amiss and that they may need to be repaired.

There are several signs that could indicate a problem so be on the lookout for dentures that don’t fit the same way they always have, visible damage, cracks or chips, a sudden problem with chewing, pressure sores, irritation in the gums, odours or stains, and changes in the way your face looks or the way you speak.

All of these could mean your dentures need repair so it’s best to get us to look at them right away.

Proper Denture Care Helps Prevent Repairs

If you’re taking good care of your dentures, the risk of needing repairs is lower.

You should be brushing/cleaning them on a daily basis and safely storing them when you aren’t wearing them.

You should also make an appointment with us every six months for a check-up.

Call Smith Street Dental Surgery today on 08 8981 9149  for all of your denture repair needs in Darwin.




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