Taking Care of Your Wisdom Teeth

Unfortunately many people experience pain associated with their wisdom teeth, also known as third molars.   Some people win the genetic lottery and don’t develop wisdom teeth, or don’t develop all four wisdom teeth, while others can have more than the usual four.   It is not always necessary for wisdom teeth to be removed.   If they have completely erupted (grown) into the mouth in a good position and are accessible to brush and floss, then they may be kept…

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Why are my teeth sensitive?

Are your teeth sensitive to hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods or drinks?   Does tooth brushing or breathing in air through your mouth make your teeth feel uncomfortable and painful?   You are not alone with more than 50% of Australians reporting frequent tooth sensitivity.   Tooth sensitivity is caused by exposure of the soft inner dentine layer of the tooth.   Dentine is made up of tiny fluid filled tubules that run directly to the nerve.   When the…

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Tips for Children’s Oral Care

When it comes to dental hygiene and oral health, the quicker you can instil good habits into your little ones, the better their chances of having great teeth in the future are going to be.   Here at Smith Street Dental Practice, we are passionate about preserving the oral health of the future generations.   The hard work starts at home, so here are some great tips for the upkeep of your child’s oral care, straight from the mouth of one…

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Can My Dentures be Repaired?

Dentures are a common way to replace teeth that are missing and restore your smile. However, as they are a dental device, sometimes they may be damaged or could wear out, leaving you wondering if they can be fixed or if you’ll have to start all over. Fortunately, at Smith Street Dental Surgery, we can repair them and keep you smiling day to day. Here’s what you should know about denture repair. Time Frame In some cases, our lab can repair…

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Before and After Dental Implants

Dental implants are a solution to various issues. The process is done to replace a lost tooth, or several, and to restore a person’s smile. If your expert dentist at Smith Street Dental Practice in Darwin recommends an implant it helps to know more about the procedure and what it entails, both before and after. There is some preparation for the procedure, as well as some after care that you need to know about to ensure a healthy, permanent implant. Before…

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What causes the need for teeth whitening?

Are your teeth looking a little yellow and dingy? We are the experts at Smith Street Dental Practice for all treatments and procedures involving your mouth. Whitening your teeth is just one service you can take advantage of, however like anything else, if you’re considering the procedure, it’s a good idea to learn more about it and why it’s done so you can be sure it’s a good choice for you and your Darwin dental needs. Here are the most common…

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