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Dental implants are a solution to various issues.

The process is done to replace a lost tooth, or several, and to restore a person’s smile. If your expert dentist at Smith Street Dental Practice in Darwin recommends an implant it helps to know more about the procedure and what it entails, both before and after.

There is some preparation for the procedure, as well as some after care that you need to know about to ensure a healthy, permanent implant.

Before dental implants

The biggest thing you’ll notice before you get dental implants is that there won’t be a tooth where the implant will go.

Maybe you lost a tooth due to an injury or accident or perhaps you had a tooth that had a large cavity or other dental issue. Whatever the reason, a dental implant cannot be placed until that tooth is removed completely from your gums.

Your tooth will be replaced with a metal post that will be like a screw that the new tooth will be attached to.

he process takes several months because your gum will need to heal completely around the post before the new artificial tooth can be placed.

Implants are most often done as an alternative to dentures or a bridge and are meant to be permanent.

After dental implants

As with any dental operation, there will be some care that is required after your implant procedure.

No matter how long it takes or how many stages are required to complete the dental implant, there are some things you can expect afterward.

Immediately after each step of the treatment, you may notice that there is some swelling and bruising in your gum and jaw areas.

You may also notice some minor pain or bleeding at the site.

Your dentist may offer you pain medications or antibiotics during the healing process to make you more comfortable and reduce the risk of an infection. As your mouth heals, you may be asked to eat only soft foods for a few days or until the stitches have been removed or have dissolved.

Being prepared

You won’t just find out you need a dental implant and then have it done right away.

Firstly, you’ll have a comprehensive exam by your dentist, which will involve both X-rays and moulds of your teeth.

Next, a customised treatment plan will be created that fits your dental needs. A good dentist will inform you of every step along the way.

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Before and After Dental Implants